I create usable products through data driven design.


User Research

The key to any successful UX process is to know your audience. I conduct user research using various methods, including user interviews, surveys and user observation or listening, in order to gather essential details about your customer. These methods reveal opportunities that, in turn, allow me to deliver useful and usable design solutions.


User Personas

In order to understand your customer’s needs, goals, behaviours and experiences as simply as possible, I produce user personas. These fictional entities typify your target audience and help add perspective to the design objectives. There are three persona types that I create, depending on the demands of the project. These are role-based, engaging and goal-orientated personas.


User Journeys

Having conducted appropriate user research, I’m able to map out the customer journey, focusing on various factors that come into play when a user engages or interacts with the product I’m designing. I consider thoughts & feelings, actions and touch points at various stages of the journey, from initial awareness right through to engagement. This helps create solutions based on a customer-focused design approach, rather than on assumption.


Information Architecture

One of the key components of any good digital product is a well-considered and structured IA, in order to visualise the site journey and minimise any issues with navigation and general usability. I typically create this alongside the research and personas that have already been completed, to help produce a seamless user experience.


UX Writing

I create written content that’s intended to guide the user through the product as simply as possible. The content includes navigation labels, calls to action, error messages and instructions through screens, to name a few. The aim is to always write concisely, using the active voice in the present tense, avoiding jargon. Another key consideration for me is to convey your brand’s tone of voice.


User Testing

Once I’ve designed a minimum viable product, usually in the form of a clickable prototype, I conduct a variety of user tests to measure the usability and desirability. Testing methods I typically use includes face to face user testing and remote testing. I’ve also been involved in focus group testing, where the goal is to test a concept or an idea.



Using tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar, I analyse the user behaviour on sites, through metrics including heat map clicks and scrolls, screen recordings, conversion goal tracking and various demographics data. This information allows me to conduct future testing to discover the ‘why’ to the data’s ‘what’, and create iterations that improve product performance.


I'm a maker. I make user-friendly digital products; I make things look good; and I help you make money from them.



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