Mellis Cheese

Purveyors of fine farmhouse and artisan Scottish cheeses should have a website that reflects that message, so Mellis Cheese came looking for assistance.


Deliver a website that supports the new brand.

Mellis Cheese are growing rapidly and, as such, wanted to recalibrate their brand thinking to support continued growth. As part of their new strategy, they approached me with a desire to update their aesthetics, as well as design a new commerce site that would meet the needs of the business.

The old site was more of a brochure than anything else, and lacked any sort of visual consistency with their other marketing materials. It failed to deliver on uniformity and the result was a disjointed brand with mixed messaging.

While the site was performing to a somewhat acceptable standard, Mellis Cheese wanted to improve that — including speed, SEO and in overall online sales.


Brand harmony and a site that delivers higher profit.

Having conducted a thorough brand audit with Mellis Cheese, it became clear that they wanted to create the idea of a more premium brand. The product quality and the shop decor was already creating an upmarket vibe, but all of their marketing materials — including the website — were not aligned with that.

I introduced a simple colour palette of black, white and gold, dropping the old orange shade. The logo itself worked for the brand direction, so we left it alone.

We introduced a style guide for the site, enabling Mellis Cheese to utilise it in future, both in terms of the website itself and future marketing collateral. The introduction of their new commerce features also helped the site achieve an increase in orders.

Overall, the new site is part of a wider branding strategy for the business and has been optimised to handle continued growth, as the company goes from strength to strength.