EDI Training

There’s nothing more important than the safety of people’s lives, so we were tasked with creating a site that was quicker and easier to use.


Make it easier to use, and in doing so, make it better.

During my time with Nettl Edinburgh, we were approached by the Edinburgh Airport official Training Academy, who were keen to redesign their existing site.

The old site lacked a sense of their brand identity, with an incorrect logo and colour scheme. Feedback they’d received led them to the conclusion that it was confusing for some users, who had literature from them that looked completely different to the site.

Furthermore, the site itself seemed to have a complicated information architecture, with many users claiming to struggle to find what they’re looking for easily, or make a booking on the site without running into issues.

EDI wanted to fix these problems and create a responsive site that was easy to use, had a clear message and that could allow users to book courses without any trouble or difficulties whatsoever.


A new and improved site that puts the users at its heart.

I conducted user remote user testing of the prototypes that I designed, asking them to perform a series of tasks. The iterated design structure was far more positive than the current site, with users being able to find the key information and make a booking with ease.

I also redesigned the new site to include a more brand-centric visual appearance, using their company blue and purple from their style guidelines. We were able to tweak this and introduce some gradients, providing texture to the flat shades.

In addition to introducing their brand colours, I also made good use of their brand typeface, tying their existing marketing material together with the website, in order to remove the confusion that had been plaguing their audience.

Unfortunately, despite the positive results during user testing, the project was shelved due to unforeseen circumstances. As a result, the design never progressed beyond the prototype phase.