I help you shape your brand in a way that connects it with your audience.


Aesthetic Design

I work with you to create all the visual elements that form your brand, including the logo, colour palette, typography, iconography and photographic style. The aim is to create a visual consistency that’s fresh, relevant and memorable to your audience. I also create bespoke brand guidelines to help you keep the design consistent as you work with multiple creatives.



I work with your team to help define why your business exists beyond ‘making money’. Through focusing on the concept of the golden circle (the why, the how and the what), I help you determine your brand’s reason for being, which drives everything else that you do.



Typically linked to your brand’s purpose, your vision details the ambition and aspiration that your business has, to the external audience. I work closely with your team to help define the vision in a measurable way. What does your brand want to accomplish? How does it want to be seen? I help you identify what your brand stands for.



I help you define the values for your brand, which are used to identify behaviours and attitudes for all who represent your brand, whether internally or externally. Your values are a set of beliefs that form a company culture, so it’s important that they’re as authentic and achievable as possible. 


Tone of Voice

How effectively you communicate is an integral component of any good brand. How you speak, write and say to your audience is important, as it helps drive opinion. I help you craft a tone of voice that echoes your purpose, vision and values, as well as resonates with your target demographic. 


I'm a maker. I make user-friendly digital products; I make things look good; and I help you make money from them.



User Experience Design



User Interface Design