AMG Group

When you’re a global company who aims to inspire people, it’s important to have a website that helps you achieve those goals.


Be the inspiration for all outdoor adventures.

AMG Group is a big company where the outdoor industry is concerned. In fact, it’s one of the world’s largest. It boasts a portfolio of 11 brands, all of whom specialise in getting people outdoors. From Vango to Rossignol; from camping to skiing, AMG – as a parent company — has a monumental task of inspiring its customers and staff alike to find their spirit of adventure.

The trouble is, their old website achieved anything but.

As a site, it just fell flat and failed to deliver. It was out-dated and didn’t include the most up-to-date portfolio brands. It was an unresponsive site, creating a miserable experience on mobile and tablet. The news and careers page was one long, text-heavy page were scrolling felt like an exercise more than something driven by natural curiosity to discover more.

Above all else, the site wasn’t interesting and far from inspiring — two traits that AMG strive to be known by. All in all, what it lacked was any real sense of great user experience. AMG as a company lives by its passion for getting people engaged, inspired and – ultimately – outdoors. The site triggered none of these reactions.


A responsive site that delivers for its audience.

Once our audience demographic was established, it became clear that we needed a bold, emotive direction with the site’s layout — one that would compliment the dramatic photography, on any device.

I created a series of wireframes that I was able to prototype and share with the stakeholders, as well as members of staff, many of whom are outdoor enthusiasts and could be considered typical users of the site.

Following feedback, interactions and further development, the new site was born. A fully responsive site that looks great on any device; smooth animations, stunning photography and the introduction of ‘staff stories’, all of which are intended to carry the users effortlessly through the journey and inspire them to engage with AMG and its portfolio of brands.

Where before, staff at AMG wouldn’t want to scream about the website — now they’re delighted to share it. It’s faster, visually cleaner, more informative and more accessible than ever before.